Night fishing

Night time fishing is a popular and exciting way to catch bass and has been in prevalence since long but gained popularity in the 1960's. Night fishing is especially thrilling as you can hear your lure and the sound of the strike but cannot see a thing. The technique of night fishing is not different from that of day fishing as the same waters are being prowled by the bass whether day or night. So the best lure to use while night fishing depends on the type of water where one is fishing.

Here are the considerations that must be followed while night fishing:

Color considerations: the bass generally look upwards and therefore can spot the dark color baits more easily against the night sky. As the light fades into twilight, blue disappears last and therefore blue baits are the best choice for night fishing. If fishing is being done on a full moon or around lights, any other color may be used.

Tools: keep tools like line clippers, scissors or knives and hook sharpeners handy. Other tools like a flashlight, plastic snuff cans with glass beads, worm rattles and toothpicks should also be kept handy.

Positioning of the boat: the boat has to be positioned in such a way that you when you cast, it is towards the light, as once the sun goes down this is the area where all the fishes are headed to.

Clutter free area: the additional fishing rods and other paraphernalia like nets, rods, jackets, cords etc should be kept as such so as not to clutter the boat.

Slow and steady retrieves: the trick of successful night fishing lies in being slow and steady. When spinner baits or crank baits are being used at moderate to slow speeds they are unlikely to miss a strike.

Sound: vibrations and sound are the ways by which preys are sensed by the fishes. They are lured by the rattles or other sound emitting objects and swim to the source of the sound. When they spot a moving object in the water, they strike and hence get caught.

Fishing glue: fishing glue like cyanoacrylate can be applied to the eye of the hook to keep the plastic bait in its place.

Knots: a Palomar knot is the easiest and the most useful knot that a catcher must be proficient in tying.

Maintain silence: silence is the key to successful night fishing. Laughing and talking pose no problems, as these sounds do not penetrate to the water readily. But dropping things, bumping the boat against rocks or logs, banging around in the boat are certainly not acceptable.

Avoid insect repellents: if you can avoid insect repellents, it would be quite helpful as these repellents are also fish repellents. So if you spray yourself and then handle bait the fishes are sure to repel.

Therefore with these tips one can successfully enjoy night fishing. The best time to do night fishing is summer when the bass can be easily caught in shallow and deep water even during hot months, the temperature during the night is cooler and also a great way to stay away from the crowds of the day.