Deep sea fishing

Sea fishing is a rare sport but gradually it is gaining popularity. To cast a fish, you need to get into the boat with baits, hooks, spears, nets and go out into the sea. This is what deep sea fishing is all about. Earlier people used to wait patiently for their target while casting a line. But now one needs to gear up its efforts and require special skills if one plans for a big game fish. Though challenging, fishing can also be fun. In order to ensure and make your fishing trip a big success, one should follow certain rules. These would be beneficial for those who plan for fishing.

First and foremost, you need a lot of patience while on a fishing trip as you may spend the whole day out in the sea without achieving any success. Also you can prepare yourself for precautionary measures in case you might get sea sick. Don't forget to pack a mini first aid kit consisting of band-aids, disinfectant and so on along with some drugs to settle any infection. In case of stomach infection use Dramamine.

While selecting the fishing locations, you can start from the lowest point and then move on to the deepest point. Fishing from several depths might able to catch bigger and better fish in the sea. Once you are on the fishing location, prepare your hook with the freshest bait if possible. You may use different bait for every new location. Generally the smaller fish dwell near the reefs and the big fish are expected to be there where the little fish are. Therefore the reefs are considered as the best fishing spots. In order to cast their target i.e. a big fish, the fishermen therefore go for bait fish over reefs and then try for serious deep sea fishing. Prefer using a circle hook in order to ensure good results. There is a reverse point and a minute gap in these hooks which prevent the fish from getting damaged. Besides fishing rods, bait, hooks and spears here are certain things which you ought to carry along your fishing trip.

Old sandals or sneakers: It will least bother you in case they get dirty.

A live jacket, rain jacket: is required in case of unpleasant weather.

A pullover or a sweat shirt: Cold or chilly weather is not at all favorable for your trip. So you should film up with such clothes to protect yourself against sharp wind.

Lunch and beverages: Packed sandwiches and subs are healthy and best preferred on fishing. Beer and soda are also great selections while out on fishing.

Hat and sunglasses protect you from the ultra violet rays of the sun which could affect your eyes and face.

While out on your fishing trip, make sure you have all the above fishing items packed properly. No matter what you have gained at the end of the day, the weather, the location on the sea, the people in your party and a glimpse of dolphins; will make your day a cheerful and a successful one for fishing.