The fishing technique of doodling can be described as a worm fishing technique and the technique finds the best usage in deep and clear lakes that are mostly found in Western America. However being used on suspended bass, the technique of doodling can be used in clear or a little stained water lakes also.

The technique of doodling

When doodling is used, spinning gear or bait casting is preferred. Once the bait is ready, it should be dropped to the preferred depth and the rod tip be shaken. Once you have attracted the attention of the fish, you have to wait and that too for at least 30 seconds. If there is no movement, you have to shake the rod tip again for approximately 2 to 3 seconds and after stopping for a second, pull the rod upwards for nearly six inches. After this, again drop the rod slowly and repeat the process. If the fish are not biting, the important thing to remember is to slow down. The hook should be set when you feel something odd like a pull as at the depth of forty feet the bait gives the feeling of a slight pull.

Colors to be used

The color of the bait used does make a difference when doodling and hence it should be used according to the color of water and the season. For this reason, purple is generally chosen in deep water and on overcast days. The color of bait used in summer and fall is motor oil as it looks like shad and turns black when in deep water and like small fry in shallow water. In the spring season, brown is the preferred color. Red is also a good color for the purpose and therefore a darker shade can be used in dirty water. Overall a good color to use is cinnamon blue and it represents a night crawler.

Tips while doodling

It is best to fish uphill in the spring season and for this the boat can be positioned in shallow water while casting in deep water. Use of 1/8 ounce weight is advised here.

In the fall season, fishing should be done downhill.

To prevent hang-ups, a Texas rigged worm should be used.

Most of the time fishing should be done by suspending the worm.

Hookup potential can be maximized by sharpening the hooks. Some brands of hooks can be used straightaway while others have to be sharpened. '''

When using the doodling technique it is essential that you maintain a natural presentation and pay attention on how the bait is.

The hook set used for doodling holds much importance as most of the time fishes are lost due to ineffective hook sets. Therefore rolling hook sets should be used as they keep the line light.

Clear and faceted beads can be used as they attract better with the little flash that they have. Ceramic beads can also be used as their sound is different from the bass ones.

There is no harm in experimenting with colors, ceramic, glass or plastic.

Therefore with these tips and techniques you can easily fish successfully and go home with a good haul.